About Mortgage Note Buyers of America

Mortgage Note Buyers of America is a direct investor of private Mortgage Notes, Promissory Notes, Real Estate Notes and Contracts, Land Contracts and Trust Deeds since 1997. Mortgage Note Buyers is one of the top real estate note investors that purchases notes across the country. Also referred to as private mortgage buyers, promissory note buyers, or mortgage purchasers, Mortgage Note Buyers of America helps individuals who are wanting to sell their notes after an owner financed transaction. Our goal at Mortgage Note Buyers of America is to provide the most smooth and effective transaction at the best price when you convert your real estate note into a liquid asset.

Utilizing our 19 years of experience, we can evaluate the unique characteristics of any note and provide you an offer to receive the maximum value. If you are receiving payments from a mortgage note or business note, or any other type of promissory note agreement and are considering selling, please fill out the online form or call us directly at 800-467-2943. Mortgage Note Buyers of America is amongst the most trusted and respected note buyers in the industry.

Mission Statement

To provide a convenient means for note holders to liquefy their Mortgage and promissory note portfolios  - quickly, easily and at the best price.

Our vision statement clarifies how we go about fulfilling our mission.

Vision Statement

At Mortgage Note Buyers of America we intend to provide our customers with the best online note selling experience in the industry from beginning to end. Beginning with a smart, searchable website, easy-to-follow instructions, clear, and secure payout methods with fast and high quality delivery.